What is the largest size for a motorised pergola?
There is no maximum size for a pergola, our units go up to 12mx10m however, further units can be linked together. We also have a free standing unit which is also 12mx10m with no maximum span.

How do I fit a pergola if there are downpipes or a recess in the way?
No problem we can add galvanised spacers to any area which matches perfectly with the structure, we can also even out walls with spacers.

I have a triangular area is it possible to install a pergola?
Yes our pergolas are made to measure, the terrace at the Paradise Bay Hotel is an example of how we filled the terrace triangular area with smaller fixed roof sections and LED lights.

Can I add the glass at a later date?
Yes we are very flexible, we can work within your budget or requirements, We can add to the pergola at different stages should you require at a later date.
We have provided customers with sunblock blinds for Summer, and enclosed with glass for Winter and install heaters. There are no time scales or limitations.

Why should I choose Dimech Enterprises to install a pergola or glass room?
Our transparent pricing policy, qualified in-house technicians and our level of skills in installations of bespoke products. 
We do not sit with you for hours trying to make you order on the day, no pressure selling tactics are used, we are a long established family firm that put our name to providing high quality products that will look good and work seamlessly in many years to come.

If we sell our property can we take the structure and attach it to another property ?
Yes we can dismantle and re-site the pergola to another property. Should you require we can also increase the size of the pergola, however it's not possible to cut the pergola down in size.

I would like to cover the outside of my restaurant, the building is a hertitage property, is there a way of installing a pergola without fixing to the facade?
We have freestanding pergolas sizes from 2.5m with no maximum size

Do the pergolas have gutters for rain water?
Yes guttering is built into the framework and support legs with down spouts.

Can the pergolas be enclosed for Winter?
Yes we can create a room with glass doors, panels, guillotine windows or Crystal PVC. We also have manual or motorised polyscreen waterproof internal & external blinds in our range.

What is the best retractable roof system for a penthouse opposite the sea which is very windy?
All our models are suitable, they are built to withstand strong winds with a wind rating of Beaufort Class 11 (117km/h)

What precautions have Dimech taken to provide a pergola that is suitable for Malta's high humidity and won't rust or become black with mould?
We have worked with the manufactuers who have designed brackets specifically for the Maltese market due to the high humidity. All the steel parts are galvanized and powder coated, which means they are anti corroding, the aluminium is of the highest grade, we use stainless bolts. The cover is manufactured by Serge Ferrari which is mould resistant.

I would like a small pergola for my bar for an additional 6 tables, I'm not allowed to fix a structure on the walkway outside, Is there an alternative fixing?
Our wall hung pergola is a perfect solution which requires no ground supports. 

Does the cover on the motorised pergola provide UV protection? 
Yes the triple layered Serge Ferrari cover offers 100% protection

How long is the guarantee on the pergolas?
All our models carry a 5 years warranty on structure, rail system, cover & motorisation

I would like to add heating to the enclosed pergolas, is this possible ?
Yes we have a wide range of low energy infrared heaters, which are also rainproof.

Do I have a choice of colours, 
Yes the structure is available in any RAL colour, in addition we have a range of wood colours and textured powder coated finishes.
The cover is available in water & bold colours.

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