Outdoor Heaters
All weather IP55 outdoor heaters, a perfect solution for pergolas, umbrellas or any outside area. 
Rain proof, infrared, low energy, non rust. Quick release brackets when not required. 

SUPRA 3000 - 4000W

SUPRA 3000 - 4000 W
Custom Design Reflector
The parabolic reflector has been designed and developed to enhance heating efficiency by 28%, reflecting 99% of the rays towards the target, SUPRA series helps the environment by means of minimum energy loss.
All the parts used in the Supra series are made of rustproof and robust materials for long life. The Supra range will not exhibit any sign of degredation or deterioration even in the harshest of environmental conditions. 
IP55 is 100% Weather Proof.
Supra creates a comfortable ambient even under pouring rain.
25m range.
Available in black, brown or white.

AQUA 1500 -2000W

AQUA SERIES 1500 & 2000 W 
AQUA GSU 1500 - 2000 W with quick release bracket.
Custom Design Reflector
The custom designed reflector focuses the heat, creating the intense heat output needed under parasols and pergolas.
The aluminium and stainless steel body parts will not corrode or show signs of deterioration no matter how harsh the weather conditions. 
The compact design is easy to install and easy to operate.
IP55 Weather Proof
Don't let weather conditions interrupt your business! Thanks to its IP55 rated water protection, our heaters creates a comfortable ambient even in the pouring rain.

Heaters that work in the pouring rain!

Trade enquiries welcome 

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